Frequently asked questions

Which vaccinations do I need for my dog to board with you?

All dogs should fully vaccinated and up to date with their annual booster. We also require the kennel cough vaccination (Infectious tracheobronchitis) to be given at least ten days prior to boarding, as it is a live vaccination and is highly contagious. All certificates are to be produced on arrival at the kennels. Entry will be refused if vaccination is not up to date.

What vaccination do you require for my cat?

All cats must have a certificate of vaccination against Feline Enteritis and upper respiratory infections (cat flu) and this certificate must be produced at the time of boarding. No cats suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any infection or contagious disease can be accepted.

How do you work out boarding fees?

Boarding fees begin the day you check in your pet(s), whatever the time. We do charge on the day of collection however if you do pick up your pet(s) before 9:15am we will not charge you for that day.

Can I pick-up/drop-off my pet out of your business hours?

By prior arrangement only.

How much exercise will my dog get?

We exercise all dogs twice a day, off lead in our secure exercise paddock. We believe that dogs enjoy there time with us with plenty of stimulation and exercise with us and other dogs. We do mix dogs from different families together, but only if they are well socialised and you are happy for us to do so. However we do understand that not all dogs are good with other dogs so they can be exercised alone.

What should I bring with my pet while he/she is boarding with you?

If your pet is on a special diet please bring your own food with you. In terms of toys and bedding we do supply that here, but if you want to bring something from home you are welcome to. We do ask that any toys/bedding brought in are labelled.

What days are you closed during the year?

We are closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New years day. Sundays and bank holiday we are only open between 9-11 AM

What if my pet needs medication?

We are happy to administer medication at no extra cost. We ask that you write down exactly what medication your pet(s) is on and all medication if kept in original packaging.

How can I pay?

You can pay with card, cash or with a cheque. Please note we do not take American Express.

Can we come and have a look around the kennels/cattery?

Of course! We encourage you to come and have a look around the facilities we offer for your pet. We do ask that you come in our opening hours only.